Here's a picture of a kiddie's Dreamcast running Linux:

The first thing I noticed was the lame message, "EXT2-fs warning: checktime reached, running e2fsck is recommended."

Maybe I'm strange, but my FS never needs to be checked if it is always mounted and unmounted properly. Oh, but I don't mount mine async I guess.

The next thing I noticed was the reflection of the Linsux kiddie taking the picture. Note the baggy prepubescent-quasigothskater outfit. I suspect this kid is about 14 or 15. It looks as though he's discovered masturbation, as evidenced by the semen/lube stains on the wall to the right of his TV.

Now take a look at his bed. Notice how it's a bare mattress? That's because this is a linux kiddie. Linux kiddies wet the bed quite frequently. When this happens, they have to take off the sheets and wash them. That's why there are no sheets on this bed. Also note that this whole setting appears to be in a garage (from the reflection in the TV and the concrete visible in the lower right corner- complete with dried brown cum stain). This is probably because the kiddie's parents got tired of the strong urine stench from all the bedwetting and put the kiddie outdoors.

It's actually fairly surprising that a Linux kiddie would bother to put Linux on a Dreamcast; after all, they only have modems for net access right now- how could he expect to packet anyone effectively with so little bandwidth?

To show how truly 31337 he is, he's left a couple PC boards in and on some bubble wrap in the picture.

After he took the picture, he said, "Mom, Bobby and I are gonna go jerk off in the treehouse now!"

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