PAWTUCKET, RI - Tonka, a leading manufacturer of toys for children, 
especially toy trucks, today announced it has created its own Linux
distribution aimed at the 5-8 year old market.

Called "My First Linux," the brightly-yellow colored Linux distribution
comes complete with Linux tools rewritten for first through third
grade students including Buzz Lightyear XFree86, Mighty Morphin' 
Midnight Commander, and Lil' Chuck's color ls.

Sholita Jones, marketing director of Hasbro, Inc, the company that
owns Tonka, told a press conference that the new Tonka Linux would
"introduce the Linux operating system to an entirely new generation
of script kiddies," saying that it was inevitable for kids to turn
to a dark life of smurfing and downloading warez by the time they reached
puberty, and that Tonka wanted to be the first to claim that market share.

Indeed, "My First Linux" also ships with Emporer Zurg's smurf.c
and Lord Zed's rootkit.

"My First Linux" lists for $69.95 and comes with a free yellow truck
and 90 days of technical support.
Linux Sucks

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