why linux sucks

Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect.
-- Linus Torvalds

Welcome to the beginnings of my "why linux sucks" page. There isn't much here just yet, but there are so many reasons, both technical and non-technical, that linux sucks that this page will surely fill up quickly.

I've opened the page up to linking again...except from slashdot.

Here's a short list of Linux flaws that make it look silly:

I don't expect this list to be up to date; Linux is impossible enough to keep up with as a user, and it's even harder to keep up with how broken and lame it is this week. In general, the further something is down the list, the newer the information is. It's almost surprising how much of the older items still hold true today, until you consider the fragmented and undirected development effort.

Before you wet the briefs your mommy bought for you at Target and frantically search for a link to email me something about how "it's not like that anymore" or "how dare you insult Linux! I will h4x0r you!" or other such standard Linux sycophant drivel, consider for a moment that I just don't give a fuck what you have to say. I understand that it can be upsetting to you to see your precious OS exposed as the garbage it is. I've heard it all before, so you can save your energy for something more complex and important to you, like learning how to masturbate.

Perhaps the greatest crime of Linux is the production of nonportable code. The Linux c0d3rz wave the free-software flag, but they're just as bad as Microsoft in making software that can run only under their OS.

Check out my favorite Linux joke. Also read aard's linux joke

Also check out this spoof press release about Tonka's new Linux distribution.

Linux kiddies wet the bed

News Articles, Interviews, etc

Throughout all of these, it's interesting to note the typical Linux kiddie reaction to proof that their OS sucks ass. It's always something like:

  1. The test wasn't "fair"
  2. What about new kernel x.y.z?
  3. You can't expect <reasonable expectation>
  4. The people doing the test must be mean/biased
  5. It wasn't tuned properly
  6. They didn't look at the latest release of Red Hat x.y!
They really seem like 4-year-olds who have just been denied a pack of gum in a grocery store.

And here is something that's sure to convince; hit the button below to perform a search for Linux security flaws on rootshell.com. There are plenty. The last time I searched on "FreeBSD" there were 9 hits. Linux: 121. Linux sucks.

Search BugTraq for linux-related messages
Search SecurityFocus advisories for linux messages
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